Securing the Future of the Hall

The Longwood Mechanics Hall was built in 1858. It has gone through many up’s and down in its history from a School to 120 students to the Penny Bank. Used as Barracks during the war, home to the Longwood Amateur Dramatic Society and the Derby and Joan Club to name a few. It has served several generations of the families of Longwood. In 2005 the hall was in a trouble, unloved and under used. It started to turn around in 2007 with new leadership and direction. A great transformation was made. A team of dedicated volunteers spent many hours to rejuvenate the Hall to a bright, well loved and much used community facility. We have been able to secure a number of small grants that have helped us tremendously to achieve this. Unfortunately to date the larger grants have alluded us to fully restore the Hall and more and more groups are competing trying to secure declining funds. We are volunteers doing the best we can in the time we have available. Currently we use 100 volunteer hours a week running the hall. We do not pay for any staff. We want to secure the future of the Hall for generations to come. The Hall belongs to You, it is Your Hall. To help secure the future of the hall the Building Fund was established in 2015

Target 2028 the Hall’s 170th Anniversary
£10,000 in the Building Fund to achieve £100,000 Restoration

From previous experience we know that with grant money generally; it is possible to get 10 times the amount we have put in. We have previously used some of the building fund money for the roof repairs.
£1700 of our building fund money gained us £17000 of funding. If we could get the building fund to £10,000 that may help us achieve £100,000
The hall is over 160 years old, we know it will need work to preserve it for future generations.

Why do we want £100,000?

Underpinning the rear gable.
Replace four window lintels and the door lintel in the burnt-out cottage.
Install new windows and door
New staircase to the cellar
Replace the floor in the burnt-out cottage, possibly opening through into the art room. This would make the space nearly as big as the dance studio.
Refurbish toilets and toilet extension
Re point the whole building. If you would like to subscribe to the building fund; contributions start from £1 per month. Please email me for full details:

Longwood Mechanics Hall Building and Land Fund.

This fund was created to establish a separate pot of money specifically for the major repairs and maintenance to the fabric of the building. To also include the heating system, drains and also the possible purchase of land if required.
We included land within the fund because a similar successful scheme was set up many years ago across the valley and this generated income to purchase plots of land in the community instead of it being sold off to developers.
The fund totals will be published at the Longwood Village Group AGM in May each year. A little maths: This is the inspiration for the Building Fund. 2000 houses in Longwood each paying £1 per month = £2000 per month
£2000×12 months = £24000 per year
£24000 x 5 years = £120000
Add gift aid this makes a total of £144000 in just 5 year

To read more and download the application form to join please